Using itsLearning for Teachers

Teachers are able to use itsLearning as a single sign-on method and rostering tool with Newsela, once your district’s itLearning system administrator adds Newsela to your resource Library. In order to access these features, teachers will need to add Newsela to each course they’d like to be synced with Newsela.

Adding Newsela to your itsLearning Course

Before you can sign in to Newsela with itsLearning, you have to add Newsela to your courses.

Before you add Newsela to itsLearning

  • Disable your popup blocker for, to allow Newsela to launch for itslearning.

Instructions for adding Newsela to your course

  1. Log in to itsLearning.

  2. Click on the Library tab and search for “Newsela.”

  3. Click the Newsela result to be taken to the details page.

  4. Click the Add to button to open the dropdown menu, and click Add to a Course.

  5. Choose the course to which you would like to add Newsela, and click Add.

Signing in to Newsela from itsLearning

  1. Log into itsLearning.

  2. Navigate to a course.

  3. Click on the Resources Tab in your course.

  4. Click Newsela in the left-hand navigation menu or link in the resources list.

  5. Newsela opens in a new tab.

Syncing itsLearning Classes in Newsela

  1. Log in to Newsela through the course you'd like to sync by

    1. Selecting the Resources tab in itsLearning

    2. Clicking Newsela in the left-hand navigation menu or link in the resources list

  2. In Newsela, hover over your initials and click Settings.

  3. On the settings page, click the Classes tab.

  4. Click the blue Sync with itslearning button.  Once you’ve enabled classes to be created from itsLearning data, the blue button will turn gray and say Connected to itsLearning.

  5. To sync additional classes from itsLearning, navigate back to itsLearning and log into Newsela from the additional classes you’d like to sync. You will not need to click the sync button again, but you will need to login via each class you’d like in Newsela.

Rostering your Students

  1. As students login to Newsela from an itsLearning course, the student will be added to that class in Newsela. If a student has multiple classes using Newsela, they will have to log in from each itsLearning course to be added to the corresponding Newsela classes.

  2. Click on the Students tab to see a list of rostered students. If a student does not the student rosters in Newsela align with your student rosters in itsLearning.

Newsela and itsLearning FAQs

Can I use the Newsela/itsLearning integration on mobile devices?

  • To take advantage of the integration on mobile devices, launch itsLearning from the mobile device web browser and navigate to in the web browser.