Schoology for System Admins

Newsela's Schoology integration allows for single sign-on (SSO) and rostering.

Newsela’s implementation team guides Schoology system administrator through setting up the Schoology/Newsela integration. 

  1. Please use  this form to request a Schoology integration call. When submitting the form, enter "Schoology Integration Request" as your subject. 

  2. After submitting the form, Newsela will send you a Calendly link. Click on the link to select a time. Once you select a time, you’ll receive a calendar appointment with a Zoom meeting link. 

  3. Join the Zoom meeting at the start of your LMS Integration setup call. A member of Newsela’s implementation team team will walk your Schoology System Administrator setting up and briefly testing the integration.

    • Please make sure your district’s Schoology system administrator is invited and plans to participate in the call. 

Newsela’s Schoology integration supports single sign-on and rostering from Schoology. Accounts are created automatically the first time a user clicks on the Newsela link in the Schoology course navigation. Each time a teacher clicks on the Newsela icon in Schoology, that course is automatically created and rostered in Newsela. 

Please note that Schoology PD courses (classes in which teachers are enrolled as course members) will not sync with Newsela.

If you want to check that the process is working as expected, we recommend asking a few users to sign in to confirm that they can sign in and see classes.

Will Newsela quiz scores pass back to Schoology?

Since Newsela is an adaptive tool which allows students to adjust lexile levels take and take quizzes multiple times, individual Newsela quiz score do not pass back to Schoology.

Will Schoology linked courses automatically link in Newsela?

Links between sections of a class do not sync with Newsela. Each individual section will need to be created in Newsela and shared with students separately. 

Can I use the Newsela/Schoology integration on mobile devices?

If a user wants to take advantage of the integration on mobile devices, the user needs to launch Schoology from the mobile device web browser and launch to Newsela in the mobile browser.