Students Tab

Teachers can navigate to their Students tab by clicking their initials in the upper right-hand corner and selecting the Students tab from the settings menu. On the Students tab, teachers can view and edit their class rosters.

Student accounts created with a username and password in Newsela can be edited on the Students tab. Student accounts imported from other systems need to be updated in that system by your school technology administrator.

Edit Student Names

  1. Click the Edit icon in the Edit column next to the student's name.

  2. Enter the correct name.

  3. Click Save.  

Edit Student Passwords

  1. Click the key icon in the Password column next to the student's name. 

  2. Enter the new password.

  3. Click Save.  

To quickly find a student whose name or password needs to be reset, administrators and teachers will see a Student Lookup search box at the top of their Students tab. They can use this box to find and update the accounts of students who are in classes.

On the Students tab, teachers will see lists of the students in each of their classes.

Add Students: The way that you add students to classes depends on the option you used to create the class. You can find instructions more detailed instructions for each option here.

Remove Students: Click the X in the Remove column next to the student's name. Removing a student from a class does not delete the student's account.

Missing Students: If students names are missing from your student list, they are not yet enrolled in your Newsela class. If you manually built your classes in Newsela, missing students need to enter the class code on their settings page. For classes synced with Google, ClassLink, Schoology, Canvas, or Clever, students need to be listed in your classes in those platforms first.