NWEA and Newsela

Newsela allows districts to sync NWEA MAP Growth data to provide instant reading levels for students. When MAP Growth data is imported into Newsela, students automatically see all content at the Lexile level closest to their MAP Growth scores on both assignments and independently selected texts.Individual assignments can still be locked at a specific reading level by teachers.  After students complete the quiz at the assigned and locked level, they will again be able to see texts aligned to their MAP Growth level.

Each student’s MAP Growth-based reading level will be visible in the “Reading Level” column of the Reading Summary portion of the Binder, with an indicator that shows this value was informed by MAP Growth data. 

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Teachers can review their individual students when they click a student’s name from the Reading Summary. Here, you’ll also be able to view information on a student’s work in Newsela.

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Students who were not able to take the MAP Growth assessment will have Newsela’s Just Right Reading Level displayed instead.

Reviewing Reading Levels in Newsela

  1. Hover over Binder in the top menu, just to the left of your initials.

  2. Click “Reading Summary

  3. Review information in the “Reading Level” column for each student

  4. Click a student’s name for more information the content they’ve read in your class and independently.

Newsela’s integration with NWEA’s MAP Growth can only be set up by a district administrator. In order to connect NWEA MAP Growth scores with Newsela, districts must set up a Clever or OneRoster connection. 

Please contact your Customer Success Manager or our Support Team for more information or  to begin the set up process for your district.