Newsela ELA

With Newsela ELA, you’ll have access to 20+ genres of authentic and accessible content that is aligned to standards and classroom ready. 

Newsela ELA Features

  • Content specifically selected for ELA by text type, theme, subject, and even fiction category. 

  • Improved navigation and a subject-specific homepage make the content you care about easier to find. 

  • Expanded content curation that helps you find content that supports your core ELA instruction. 

  • Instructional supports, including Lesson Sparks and Implementation Guides, designed for the ELA classroom. 

  • Alignment to your state's standards on each non-fiction quiz

  • An extensive library of authentic cross topic texts from the world’s best publications. 

  • Differentiated nonfiction texts presented to students at their recommended reading level.

Find individual texts by subject, text type, theme and popular ELA categories to find the perfect article for you’re teaching. To use the Explore Articles section, follow these steps:

  1. From the ELA homepage, locate the left-hand navigation bar. 

  2. Under Explore Articles, click the carrot next to a collection title to preview the contents. 

  3. Click the title of any category to be taken to that section. Here you can browse content selections that are ready for the ELA classroom. 

Fiction Texts Find hundreds of fiction texts across  a variety of categories like folktales and sci-fi each with an embedded quiz, aligned to Common Core and TEKS ELA standards for literature. View the text’s recommended age range below the article image and grade level standards alignment on the Quiz. 

Reader Favorites Explore high-interest content to get your students excited about reading with popular categories from humor to sports. 

Opinion Build students’ persuasive skills with a variety of opinion texts, including Reviews, PRO/CON articles, and even Student Opinion pieces. 

Collections are sets of content that we at Newsela have curated for teachers with embedded instructional resources, called Lesson Sparks, to help you use the content in your ELA instruction. To use the Explore Collections section, follow these steps:

  1. From the ELA homepage, locate the left-hand navigation bar. 

  2. Under Explore Collections, click the carrot next to a collection title to preview the contents. 

  3. Click the title of any collection to be taken to the collection landing page. Here you can read the overview, preview the sections or units, and locate instructional resources.

Fiction/Nonfiction Paired Texts Regularly updated literature and nonfiction pairings to support students in making connections between the two.

Novel Studies Offer engaging nonfiction content to complement the novels you’re teaching through current events connections, background reading, and thematic connections.

Reading Skills Collections Jumpstart Newsela’s adaptive reading level with grade-level texts and extended quizzes so each student sees content at the level that’s right for them.

Research Projects Elementary text sets to spark research on a range of cross-curricular topics. 

Nonfiction Paired Texts Different nonfiction text types organized by Theme, Perspective, Current Event, and Topic to help students dig deeper into a particular subject or item of study.

Topics for Debate Selections of Newsela texts that present perspectives and provide the background information students need to make sense of the debate and argue their point.

Expeditionary Learning Articles that support and enhance the themes and topics of 3 - 5 grade Expeditionary Learning curriculum. 

Wonders Additional texts to help their students dive deeper into the genres, themes, and topics of McGraw Hill's Wonders curriculum for grades 3-6. 

myPerspectives Texts that enhance and support each of the 6 myPerspectives units per grade level to connect to the unit's theme, essential question, topics, and suggested books.

Find articles across Newsela ELA categories by searching for keywords or subjects. To search, follow these steps:

  1. Click Search on the Search and Navigation bar.

  2. Enter a keyword or subject. As you type, Newsela displays articles and Text Sets that match your search term(s).

  3. Click ‘Go’. You will be directed to the results page.

  4. Use the filters shown to refine your search for other aspects of articles, including Reading Skills, Text Level, and language.

Background section

Find a multiple choice Quiz ​​on every text aligned to state standards for informational text and fiction, along with customizable Write prompts​​ to promote important writing and literacy skills.

  1. Click on an article that meets the needs of an upcoming lesson.

  2. From the article page, click the Activities carrot to open the panel

  3. To preview the Write Prompt or Quiz, click the activity.

  4. To navigate back to the list of activities, click the back arrow to the left of the activity nam

Background section

Find your saved texts, original text sets, and text sets created at your school in the Your Content section.