Newsela's Content

In Newsela’s growing catalogue of content, you can find everything from breaking news to fiction, depending on your subscription. 

Each article is available at 5 reading levels, and new articles are published daily. Newsela’s articles come from premier content partners such as the Washington Post, Scientific American, and At the MAX reading level, you’ll see the original article and the publication source.

Learn more about the content available to you below.

Note: As of July 2019, educators without a Newsela subscription are only be able to view News articles. Any of the other 20+ genres of nonfiction require a subscription. For a quick comparison on content by subscription, click here.

All teachers have access to our full collection of breaking news articles.

In the News category, teachers and students can find current events and opinion articles. To explore the News category, follow these steps:

  1. Select News at the top of the page.      

  2. In the menu, you’ll see a list of topics (War & Peace, Money, etc.).

  3. Select a topic, or browse the full selection of News articles.   

Teachers can also search for key terms, which will return results from the News section. Teachers with a paid subscription will also see additional student activities included on current events articles.