Newsela Community

The Newsela Community builds collaborative connections between teachers and provides a place for all Newsela educators to find and share lesson ideas, discuss teaching strategies, and stay on top of Newsela features and updates. 

The Newsela Community is open to all teachers registered on Newsela, regardless of subscription. It’s a great place to connect to other educators for ideas on instruction with Newsela. You can ask questions, work through challenges with other educators, and view lessons built by Newsela Certified Educators you can use in your classroom.

Video: Discovering the Newsela Community

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Connect to the Community

To use the Newsela Community, you’ll need to be logged in to your Newsela account. To do so,

  1. Click the “Educator Center” from any page in, then select “Community.” (Or click “Community from the top of any Support page.)

  2. Use your Newsela username to log in if you’re not already.

Update your Community profile to introduce yourself to the community. To do so, 

  1. Click the avatar in the top right of the screen.

  2. Select Profile to view your page.

  3. Click Edit Profile on the right. 


We recommend you add an avatar, update your display name, and complete the available profile fields so other community members can find and connect with you.

Starting a Discussion creates a post within the Community. To build a post

  1. Join a group in the Community. 

    1. We recommend selecting the subject group that most closely aligns with what you teach.

  2. Click Discussion or Q&A under the Group Name in the Group Banner

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  3. Click the "New" Button to launch the page to start your Discussion or Question

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  4. Type your overall question into the subject bar. You can include additional information in the description. 

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You will receive email notifications to the email you used to sign up for Newsela and the Community. 

Updating your email settings

Adjust the frequency of Community emails.

  1. Click your avatar.

  2. Go to Settings.

  3. Click Email tab.

  4. Adjust the frequency of your email settings under Email Digests.

  5. Locate the Group you wish to adjust the notifications for.

  6. Adjust the Frequency from the drop-down list.

Remove all Community email notifications

  1. Click your avatar.

  2. Go to Settings.

  3. Click Email tab

  4. Under Notifications, deselect Send Notifications.  This should stop all emails related to content updates for which you are subscribed.

  5. Please note, password update messages will still be sent.

Manage Community notifications

  1. Navigate to the Settings > Notifications page.

  2. Scroll to the following sections and make your selections:

    1. Activity from subscriptions – These notifications include what you are subscribed to:

      1. Blog posts in blogs to which you are subscribed

      2. Comments on blog posts to which you are subscribed

      3. Replies to a thread I'm subscribed to

      4. Creates threads in forums to which you are subscribed

      5. Comments on media files to which you are subscribed

      6. New media in galleries of which you are an owner

      7. Comments on pages to which you are subscribed

      8. Updates a page to which you are subscribed

    2. Activity from your network - These notifications include actions other members take in relation to the member, for example following or mentioning them. They include:

      1. Approves my friendship request

      2. Requests my friendship

      3. Follow me

      4. New group invitation

      5. Approves my friendship request

      6. New group memberships not added by you

      7. Membership request in groups to which you are an owner

      8. Mentions my groups

      9. Mentions me

      10. Sends me a private message or replies to my private message

    3. Activity related to content you write - These notifications include actions that other members take in relation to the content the member creates, for example replying to a forum question/discussion or liking content. They include:

      1. Comments on content that I comment on

      2. Comments on content that I write

      3. Replies you created awaiting moderation

      4. Replies to my question or discussion

      5. Threads you created awaiting moderation

      6. Replies to a question or discussion I have replied to or suggested an answer to

      7. Suggests an answer to my question

      8. Verifies a reply as an answer to my question

      9. Forums requiring moderation

      10. Likes content I write

      11. Rates content I write

  3. To receive an email notification for a type, listed in the previous step, select its left-column checkbox. 

    1. To stop receiving such notifications, deselect the left checkbox.

  4. To receive Live Alerts for a notification, select its right-column checkbox. 

    1. To discontinue receiving both notifications and Live Alerts, deselect the left-column checkbox.

  5. Click Save.

Need more information or help on the Community? View Newsela’s Community documentation here.