Nearpod and Newsela

Newsela and Nearpod have partnered to provide aligned Nearpod presentation instructional resources with embedded Newsela articles to shared teacher and student users.

Accessing Content on Nearpod

Newsela’s content on Nearpod can be found here.

Background section

Teachers can access ten Nearpod lessons for free, though you will still need a Newsela subscription to use the article in Nearpod. Some of the Newsela content used for Nearpod lessons is available with the free News subscription, though many require a Newsela subscription. Having a Nearpod subscription does not automatically provide access to the linked Newsela articles that require a separate Newsela subscription.

Nearpod’s high quality, digital lessons allow teachers to share Newsela content with students quickly and in a way students will find engaging. 

  1. Sign in to Nearpod and Newsela.

  2. Find a Nearpod +  Newsela lesson you’d like to use, and preview the content of the Nearpod lesson.

  3. Add the Nearpod lesson to your Library.

  4. For paid Newsela subscribers, assign the Newsela article to your students in Newsela, to allow you to review student work more easily. 

  5. Launch your Nearpod Lesson. (You can learn how to launch your lesson here.)

  6. Have students engage with the content.