Mobile Apps

Newsela has mobile apps for students in iOS and Android. In the apps, students can complete all actions that they can complete in the web browser version of Newsela. The apps are designed exclusively for students.

The apps can run offline, so even while offline students can read articles and complete assessments that were downloaded the last time they had an internet connection. When the device next comes back online, it will submit any work that was completed while offline. 

The Newsela Student app is created for students. To access Newsela as a teacher or parent, use a web browser such as Safari or Chrome.

Students can download the iOS app in the Apple App Store. The Newsela app requires iOS 11 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Students can do everything in the app that they can do on the web, making it a perfect opportunity to extend learning on Newsela outside the classroom with independent reading or homework assignments. In the iOS app, students can:

  • Join Newsela and join classes with a class code

  • Sign in with Google, Clever, or Newsela accounts

  • Read, browse, and search for articles

  • Complete quizzes, Power Words, and writing activities

  • Annotate article text and respond to teacher annotations

  • Receive new assignments and view progress on assignments

  • View a history of all work completed and saved articles

  • Complete assignments and independent activities offline, for content downloaded when the student last had access to an internet connection.

For new assignments and articles, students will need to access an internet connection to allow them to download. Work can then be completed offline.

How to Join a Teacher's Class in the App:

  • For students without Newsela accounts: Click Join. Then select the option to enter a class code.

  • For students with Newsela accounts: From the settings tab, tap Classes. Then click Join Class in the upper right-hand corner and enter the class code.

Student Sets

Some lucky students will be able to see Sets in their iOS app, though eventually it will become available to all students as we make refinements. Sets is a new way for students to explore the world of Newsela. They can earn levels and badges in any of our expertly curated Newsela Sets. Students can also make their own Sets and expand your knowledge on any topic they like.

The Newsela app is not available from the Google Play store for Android users. 

We encourage users to access Newsela from their mobile browser. Most features of Newsela content like leveled texts, quizzes, Power Words, and more, are available when you access through your mobile browser. Android app users will lose features such as offline article viewing and annotations. As a workaround for offline article viewing, we recommend users select “Print” to save the article to their device as a PDF.

Students need only to have access to internet once to access a variety of content and assignment resources in the Newsela Student mobile app.

Each time a student opens the Newsela Student mobile app while using wifi or a wireless data plan, the following resources will downloaded and made available for offline use:

  • The first 20 articles in the Newsela feed

  • Any article that a student has opened from the app in the past

  • Any article for which a student has previously completed work (quiz, annotations, etc.), even if that work was completed from another another device

  • Assignments and all associated articles and instructions that a student previously received from a teacher

  • All articles included in a set, if a student has followed or created a set in the app

  • All previously saved articles

Downloading New Assignments

For new assignments and articles, students will need to access an internet connection to allow them to download. Work can then be completed offline.

Uploading Completed work

Completed work will be uploaded the next time the student's device is online.