Level Control

When creating an assignment, teachers can choose to control the article level their students see. Their students will only be able to access the article at that level. After submitting the quiz, students will be able to see the article at all levels.

How to control the level of an assignment

  1. On an article or Text Set, click Assign. 

  2. On the assignment creation screen, there is an option to set a lexile level for the assignment

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  3. Teachers will have the option to select a reading level that their students will receive the assignment at. Teachers can choose to have students receive the article at the Newsela Recommended level, or choose a certain level to have them receive the article at. They can also choose to allow students the flexibility to change the level of the article, or lock it at the chosen level. Students can navigate to a different level once the quiz is submitted on the locked level. Teachers can also hide the lexile level from students.

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  4. Fill out other information to assign the article, like creating a title, providing instructions, and choosing recipients. More information on that process is listed here.

  5. Click Assign to assign the article(s) to your students at the selected level.

Because Newsela is adaptive, if teachers choose not to control the level, Newsela will use each student's performance on quizzes to present the article at the student's just-right reading level. You can learn how these levels are determined here.