In-Product Administrator Reporting

Newsela is beginning to offer school and district administrators access to school- or district-wide data directly within their Newsela Binders. The report will show how frequently your students and teachers are using Newsela, how much content they’re consuming, and usage of specific features like standards-aligned quizzes and annotations.

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Accessing School or District Insights

  1. Log in to your Newsela account.

  2. Click “Binder” in the main navigation bar.

  3. Select “School Performance” or “District”

  4. Click the following portions of the page to find more detailed information:

    1. Total schools - generates a school-level insights report

    2. Active Teachers - generates a teacher-level insights report

Newsela’s administrator reporting indicates the features your teachers and students are using on Newsela, and how frequently they’re doing so.

You can filter your data by time period, click on charts for more information, and download your reports. The data refreshes once daily, and displays information that is accurate to 48 hours prior to the update.

If you need help further understanding the data or data categories, or if you have any feedback, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

If you don’t currently have access to updated administrator reports, contact us to add permissions to your account. 

Please include Newsela's main school or district contact (like your principal or your district curriculum director) on your email for security validation.