Google for System Admins

Newsela's Google integration supports single sign on (SSO), rostering, and content embedding.

There is no admin setup required for teachers to begin using Newsela with Google, but we recommend that you review the below items before teachers use this integration.

As a Google administrator, you will need to verify teachers' roles to make sure they can access the Google Classroom and Newsela features they need. This will confirm that:

  • No students can create classes of their own

  • Only verified teachers can manage guardians and co-teachers

  • Teachers have the correct roles in Newsela

Follow the instructions here to complete this.

Teachers can create new Newsela accounts or access their existing Newsela account by following these instructions.

Students will not need to go through a sign up process if teachers have synced their Google Classroom classes to Newsela. They will just need to Sign In with Google when attempting to access Newsela content. If the student does not already have an account they will be requested to make a Newsela account.