Faculty Directory

In the Faculty Directory, teachers can view a list of other teachers at their school who are using Newsela. Administrators can remove faculty members, view license information, and see information about their last login. 

Navigate to your Faculty Directory

  1. Click your initials in the upper right-hand corner, select settings

  2. Select Faculty Directory from the Settings menu.

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Educators who are listed as principals in Newsela have the ability to remove faculty linked to their school.

To remove a member of faculty

  1. Navigate to the Admin Console

  2. Click on the name of the school, and then select Teachers

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  3. A list of all teachers at the school will appear. On the right side of the screen will be an X. Click this X , and when prompted, click remove teacher to confirm. The faculty member will receive an email stating that an administrator at their school has removed their account.

  4. Background section

*For administrators in bulk rostered districts: Removing a faculty member via this method will NOT remove that user from the school’s shared integration data and they will reappear after the next scheduled sync with Newsela. Please make sure the faculty update is made on the integration side first and contact us contact us if they continue appearing in your faculty list

4. If a student appears in your faculty list, please contact us to change the role to a student, rather than removing them from your faculty list.

Reinstating a member of faculty

Administrators can reinstate a faculty member's association with their school by sending a request through this form. Once reinstated, all classes created for the school will reappear. 

Anyone with a valid email address for a school can join a Newsela school. When an administrator removes a faculty member from the school, it does not delete the faculty member's account. The faculty member can sign in and choose a new school. Classes the faculty member created for the school from which they were removed will no longer appear to protect student information.

Teacher information can be updated in the admin console. However, if teachers are using an integration to log in, the information needs to be updated in your integration or within their own accounts.

If information is listed improperly, verify that it is correct in Clever, Google, Canvas, Schoology, ClassLink, or any other platform you use to log in to Newsela. Please Contact us if the problem is exclusive to Newsela.