D2L BrightSpace for Teachers

Once your D2L BrightSpace administrator has completed set up, D2L BrightSpace teachers will be able to log in, access rosters, and search and embed Newsela content links into instructional objects like assignments, discussions quizzes, or add links within the course’s sequence of instruction.

Adding a Newsela Content Link while authoring BrightSpace activities

A teacher can search for Newsela content and add a link into BrightSpace activities (e.g. assignments, discussions, surveys or quizzes) using the Insert Stuff plugin or create a link to Newsela content within the course’s sequence of instruction using the Quicklink plugin

When you add a link to Newsela content within a D2L BrightSpace activity or course, no Newsela assignment is created. Students will be linked to the article, and complete the work as independent reading, unless you also assign the article in Newsela.  

To add a Newsela content link within BrightSpace, take the following steps:

  1. Access the Newsela search and add feature

    1. From an activity (e.g. assignments, discussions, surveys or quizzes) using the Insert Stuff plugin:

      1. Within a D2L BrightSpace activity, select the Insert Stuff icon

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      2. Select the Newsela content type

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    2. From a course using the QuickLink CIM plugin:

      1. Within a course, click the Existing Activities dropdown and select Newsela

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  2. Find and add content. After Newsela is selected within D2L BrightSpace, a Newsela search widget is launched, where you can

    1. Search for content 

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    2. Filter search results

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    3. Preview article content

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    4. Add Newsela content, via an article link, into BrightSpace by clicking "Add" from the browse or search results page.

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When the student selects the link the student will automatically sign into Newsela and arrive at the desired article.

Newsela and D2L BrightSpace FAQs

Can I use the Newsela/D2L BrightSpace integration on mobile devices?

  • If a student or teacher wants to take advantage of the integration on mobile devices, they need to launch D2L BrightSpace from their mobile device’s web browser and launch to Newsela in the mobile browser. D2L BrightSpace does not work with the Newsela app.

Does the link I added to Newsela content within my D2L BrightSpace activity or course create an assignment in Newsela?

  • No. When you add a link to Newsela content within a D2L BrightSpace activity or course, you only add a link to the article itself. You should create a Newsela assignment to ensure you are able to see all student work in the Assignments section of your binder. Work linked within D2L BrightSpace without a Newsela assignment can be found with students’ independent work in Newsela.