D2L BrightSpace for System Admins

Newsela's D2L BrightSpace integration supports single sign-on and rostering from D2L BrightSpace and Newsela Search and Add into BrightSpace academic objects. The integration requires system administrator setup.

Newsela’s implementation team guides D2L BrightSpace system administrator through setting up the D2L /Newsela integration. Please contact us to request setup.

Teacher email addresses are required to sync D2L BrightSpace users with Newsela.

Student email addresses created by the district, which are not editable by students, are recommended for the D2L BrightSpace integration. They identify duplicate accounts, and allow for them to automatically merge. If students control the email address, we do not recommend including them.

Newsela’s D2L BrightSpace integration supports single sign-on and the ability to embed Newsela links directly into BrightSpace. 

Newsela requires that districts wishing to integrate with D2L BrightSpace set up bulk rostering with either Clever or OneRoster uploads.