Clever for System Admins

Newsela's Clever integration allows for single sign-on and rostering and is available to schools and districts with a Newsela subscription

Setup Process 

Set your district up with the Clever platform.

If your district is already on Clever, you can add Newsela by following these instructions:

  • Log into your Clever Dashboard and select: Applications > Add Applications from the left navigation.

  • Search for Newsela

  • You will also be asked if you would like to request a custom Launch Date. The Launch Date is the first day users can access the app through Clever.

  • Once you have made your selections, click Request.

  • Once you request, the Newsela team will review your request and approve it. This process usually takes 3-5 business days, but may take longer during peak periods.

  • Once the request is accepted, your first roster sync will be the night of your launch date. We recommend logging in as a few users after the first roster sync to check that they can login and see their classes.

Recommended Sharing Rules

Newsela recommends sharing data by school. You can share data for all your schools - including schools that may not have Newsela Subscriptions yet. Any users not covered by a Newsela Subscription who log in with Clever will be taken to Newsela Lite.

For more information on sharing data with applications please see How do I set my sharing permissions for applications?

Newsela supports co-teachers and will import co-teachers from Clever. If you are using the Clever Integration, Newsela co-teachers have to be set up in Clever by a system administrator, and cannot be set up by individual teachers in Newsela.

Many teachers create free Newsela accounts before their districts purchase Newsela, and are concerned about retaining data associated with their free accounts.

Newsela automatically merges user accounts on matching emails. For example, if a teacher set up a free Newsela account with their district email address, the first time they log into Newsela with Clever with their district, they will be recognized by Newsela as an existing user, and will be taken to their existing account. As long as emails match in all systems, users can easily change authentication methods.

Users who log in using accounts associated with different emails (for example and will create duplicate accounts. 

Newsela's support team can merge accounts if users provide both email addresses. Teachers who need account merges should contact Newsela’s Support Team.


Why am I getting a “data warning” or a “data requirement” error?

A data requirement error occurs when the record is incompatible with Newsela’s integration with Clever, and the user or section will not appear in the application. Data Requirements must be resolved for users or sections to be successfully processed by the application.

A data warning error occurs when the user or section has a compatibility issue with the application that may result in a degraded app experience. We recommend addressing these issues or contacting the application directly to determine the impact of a particular Data Warning.

Why is my data not showing up in the Newsela?

Shared data in Clever will sync nightly with Newsela. If data was newly added in Clever, you will need to wait until the nightly sync occurs before data appears in Newsela. If it has been 48 hours since the data was added and it is still not appearing in Newsela, please reach out to Support Team..

Why is my student or teacher missing from Newsela?

Please check to see if this user meets the following requirements before reaching out to Newsela:

  • Student or teacher is present in your SIS data

  • Student or teacher is present in your Clever data and shared with Newsela

If the user is missing from your Clever data, but in your SIS, please contact Clever Support.

Why are classes missing from Clever?

Newsela only syncs classes with active term dates. If the classes were added to Clever within the last 24 hours, wait for the nightly roster sync to occur.

Teachers might be missing classes because the classes have either not been imported, or because they’ve been archived. Teachers can resolve this issue by following these steps:

  • In Newsela, click on the Archived Classes tab

  • Select restore to reactivate the missing classes you need. If there are no classes in the archived classes tab, they may be missing from your Clever data or from your SIS.

If the class is missing from your Clever data, but in your SIS, please contact Clever Support.

Who should I ask for help with this issue?

If it’s related to data within Clever, or data coming from Clever, please contact Clever Support

If it’s related to an aspect of the Newsela, please contact Newsela Support

Why is my account showing as deactivated?

  • Accounts need to be shared in Clever in order to be active in Newsela. Please reach out to your Clever admin to ensure your account is being shared. 

  • If your account is shared in Clever, please contact Newsela Support

Support Contacts

Clever Support

Newsela Support

In order to have access to Newsela's administrator features, school and districts administrators will need to be set up as such in Clever. 

  • Any administrators who need district-wide reporting access will need the District Admin role to be manually added to their Newsela account by a Newsela Support representative. It is advised to reach out to the district's dedicated Newsela client success manager to request this type of access.

  • Any school administrators who need school-level reporting access or the ability to edit faculty lists should be added to Clever in the Staff role.