Assignment Instructions

Teachers can add instructions for students to assignments by following these steps:

  1. On an article or Text Set, click “Assign” 

    Background section image
    1. The options to create a new assignment or add this article to a pre-existing assignment will appear. Click create assignment

    2. On the top of the article, the option to create a new assignment will appear

      Background section image

  2. At any time, you can toggle the View as Student option to see how your students will view the assignment when they receive it.

  3. Add an Assignment Title.

  4. Under the Add Assignees Option, you can assign an article to an entire classroom, or select individual(s) students to assign the article to. You can learn about that here

  5. Under Set Lexile Level, you can choose a level to assign the article at. You can also allow each student to receive the article at their Newsela recommended level. You also have the option to allow students the flexibility to change the article level, or lock the assignment at a specific level. The students will not be able to change the levels until they submit a quiz on the locked level.

  6. Under Add Activities, you can choose which activities to have students complete.

  7. Provide Instructions for your students.

  8. Click Assign to send the instructions and assigned article(s) to your students.