For Admins: Allowing Staff Members to Receive Newsela Emails

Newsela delivers information to teachers and administrators via email, and your district IT settings may be preventing staff members from receiving emails from Newsela. District administrators can take the following steps to help staff members receive Newsela emails: 

  1. Whitelist, [IP address:], and with your email provider and ISP. 

  2. Edit your email filters to allow emails from to go to your teachers’ inboxes. You may also need to suspend keyword filtering for emails from 

  3. Inform Newsela of all email domains used in your district. This is especially important if you recently added a new email domain (for example, a switch from to 

  4. Update staff email addresses in Newsela. Staff members should always have their current staff email address recorded in their Newsela settings. They can update this on their Account tab

If you would like further assistance from Newsela in ensuring that Newsela emails are delivered to your staff members, please contact us

For help in resolving individual cases in which an email was not received, such as an email verification or password reset, staff members can contact us.